In the Waiting Room

Instant Gratification Nation

  Last spring the Hidden Pearl coffee shop opened in downtown McHenry. Just two blocks south of us on Green Street. It changed our lives. And our hopes for the neighborhood. Which has endured its share of economic downturn fallout. As well as a major fire. Over the summer, every time Peter sent me off… Read More Instant Gratification Nation

In the Waiting Room, Spiritual Growth


Today I want to connect you with my dear and wise friend Jen. She and her husband are sitting in the waiting room right now as well. So many of us are. Maybe life is lived there more often than not. Or maybe it just feels that way.   Jen’s husband has been without work… Read More Waiting…

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Waiting in Fosterland

Guest Post by a Fellow Foster Mom   I’ve had several prolonged periods of waiting in my life. A few of the more obvious ones are this: In my 20s, I waited several years for a much-desired career change. I waited until I was 30 to marry. And I was approaching 40 before I became… Read More Waiting in Fosterland

In the Waiting Room, Spiritual Growth

Life in the Waiting Room

Guest Post by Jamie Janosz   If you’ve visited here in the past couple of weeks, you know that we’re in the midst of a series on the subject of waiting. I started the conversation here with a little story about our Amelia, wreaking glorious havoc in the waiting room. And since then, we’ve been blessed to hear from others who have spent… Read More Life in the Waiting Room

In the Waiting Room, Spiritual Growth

Waiting…and the Meaning of My Name

Guest Post by Cara George Back in June I wrote a post about a quick trip our family took to Texas. For a wedding. The wedding of Cara and Ryan.  I knew Cara first as a student. Then as the president of a drama team that I advise. Then as a mentee as Peter and… Read More Waiting…and the Meaning of My Name

In the Waiting Room, Spiritual Growth

Waiting for Glory

 Guest Post by Caitlin Burdick   Last week I started a conversation here around the topic of “waiting.” And I shared a little story about my three-year-old to get the ball rolling. Since then, I’ve heard from many of you–mostly via e-mail and facebook–who have spent time in the proverbial waiting room. And some who… Read More Waiting for Glory

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In the Waiting Room

  This past month things have been quiet here at This Odd House while I’ve been readjusting to the teaching life after a luxurious sabbatical year. It didn’t necessarily feel luxurious at the time. But now that I am back in the thick of academic life, I have an even greater appreciation for that gift… Read More In the Waiting Room