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Crepe Paper Streamers and Balloons: Our Anti-Pinterest Party

I admit it. I like Pinterest-worthy parties. I mean, I really like them. The beauty. The order. The creativity. The perfection. The sparkle. The shine. They speak to me. However, a Pinterest-worthy party has not been our reality this week here at This Odd House. Yesterday, my favorite little girl turned six years old. And… Read More Crepe Paper Streamers and Balloons: Our Anti-Pinterest Party

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For the Freshmen

Yesterday was move-in day at Moody. This morning I am in my office, watching a thunderstorm roll through and preparing to meet a new class of freshmen for New Student Orientation. I spent much of my (long, stormy) commute praying for them. And as I pulled into the parking garage, I remembered the prayer that I… Read More For the Freshmen


For My Daughter on Her Birthday

  It’s your birthday—my darling daughter! Can it really be—that you’ve been spreading your unique version of joy on this planet for five whole years? I’ve known you for four and a half of those. But I have loved you for far longer than that. You were born in my heart many years before you… Read More For My Daughter on Her Birthday

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We’re Homeschooling. Here's Why.

When I wrote about “the call of God” back in December, I had no idea that He was going to call our family to a new adventure quite so soon. Funny, how He softens our hearts so specifically sometimes. This particular call didn’t come in the form of a burning bush. No blinding light from… Read More We’re Homeschooling. Here's Why.

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It's World Adoption Day!

In honor of World Adoption Day, I’m re-posting this piece called “Island Time” about the long, yet necessary, process of adopting our daughter Amelia. ISLAND TIME “Time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life.” –William Faulkner Our official wait for… Read More It's World Adoption Day!

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For All the Freshmen

They arrived today. With their baskets of bedding and their neat stacks of notebooks and their brand new jeans. They came to our campus with their snarled up stomachs and their wide wet eyes and all of their hopes and dreams. They arrived with their siblings and parents and friends, who filled up their fridges… Read More For All the Freshmen

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A Father’s Day Surprise

  I love it when a plan comes together. I particularly love it when that plan involves surprising Peter Worrall. He is not easy to surprise. Or maybe I am just rubbish at keeping secrets. Whichever it is, more times than I can count, he has figured me out and blown my cover. On Sunday,… Read More A Father’s Day Surprise

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Daryl’s Story: When God Calls

This precious kid turns six on Sunday. So today it seems fitting to share a bit of his God story with you. A longer version is also the next chapter in the This Odd House manuscript. And taken in that context, it represents a much-anticipated turning point.   In January 2009, I wrote in my… Read More Daryl’s Story: When God Calls

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All Different Kinds of Dads

This summer Peter is spending much of his time playing full-time Dad. Since he’s not teaching and I have lots of writing to do, some days it’s all him on the home front. He makes breakfast. Reads his Bible in front of the kids while they eat. Then reads theirs to them. He takes them… Read More All Different Kinds of Dads