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Crepe Paper Streamers and Balloons: Our Anti-Pinterest Party

I admit it. I like Pinterest-worthy parties. I mean, I really like them. The beauty. The order. The creativity. The perfection. The sparkle. The shine. They speak to me. However, a Pinterest-worthy party has not been our reality this week here at This Odd House. Yesterday, my favorite little girl turned six years old. And… Read More Crepe Paper Streamers and Balloons: Our Anti-Pinterest Party

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We’re Homeschooling. Here's Why.

When I wrote about “the call of God” back in December, I had no idea that He was going to call our family to a new adventure quite so soon. Funny, how He softens our hearts so specifically sometimes. This particular call didn’t come in the form of a burning bush. No blinding light from… Read More We’re Homeschooling. Here's Why.

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The Worralls on Whole30

Here I am, sitting on a pile of pillows in a bathtub at The DeSoto House Hotel, Galena, Illinois (circa. 1855). We’re in room 203, with its soaring ceiling and grand windows and slanted floors. It is 4:30 a.m. I’m sipping black decaf coffee that I made in the little hotel pot. And the rest… Read More The Worralls on Whole30

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In the Waiting Room

  This past month things have been quiet here at This Odd House while I’ve been readjusting to the teaching life after a luxurious sabbatical year. It didn’t necessarily feel luxurious at the time. But now that I am back in the thick of academic life, I have an even greater appreciation for that gift… Read More In the Waiting Room

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All Different Kinds of Dads

This summer Peter is spending much of his time playing full-time Dad. Since he’s not teaching and I have lots of writing to do, some days it’s all him on the home front. He makes breakfast. Reads his Bible in front of the kids while they eat. Then reads theirs to them. He takes them… Read More All Different Kinds of Dads

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The Making of a Hero

  Last September 11, I wrote here about safety and danger and 9/11, etc. Then a little while later I went upstairs to tuck Daryl into bed. “I love you, Mama,” he said. “Can I have a cuddle?” He still asks this every night. And my answer is typically the same. “Of course you can.”… Read More The Making of a Hero

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What We Learned in Kindergarten

Thursday morning was Daryl’s final day of Kindergarten. Thursday night was the Kindergarten graduation ceremony. And in the middle, his Momma had a mini-meltdown. It didn’t obviously have anything to do with Daryl and the fact that he’s growing up so fast, as they all do. Oh, I’m sure the emotions surrounding the day primed… Read More What We Learned in Kindergarten

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A Sticky Little Gift

Last Tuesday I was a bit strung out. I had to make an unexpected trip into the city to help direct a rehearsal for the Christmas production I had written. Opening night was Friday, and the final scene wasn’t coming together. The pressure was on to sort it out. To make it meaningful. To pierce… Read More A Sticky Little Gift

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Becoming Sibs

My mom loved to tell the story of when I was almost three and her belly was bulging with my brother and we were doing the laundry in the basement. Evidently, I climbed to the top of a mountain of dirty clothes and issued a decree. “Mommy, let’s name our baby Kenny.” Undoubtedly, it wasn’t… Read More Becoming Sibs

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Some Kind of Happy

Yesterday was a good day. Daryl stayed on green at Kindergarten. A friend blessed me by bringing him home from school, so I could get some things done and Amelia could take an early nap. She’s not been well. In the afternoon, both kids were angels at the doctor’s office. Sitting side-by-side, arms around one… Read More Some Kind of Happy