Spiritual Formation

How to Navigate Change

We are the midst of transition again here—the bi-annual reordering of our lives—from our simple summer selves to the crazy school-year circus. Back and forth we swing, every fall and every spring. It’s always a shock to our system. It always comes with equal measures of irritability and joy, excitement and fear. And—I’ll be honest—I… Read More How to Navigate Change

Spiritual Formation

For All the Freshmen

Today was Freshmen Move-In Day at Moody. It moves me. Every. Single. Year. I first wrote this prayer in 2015. I re-pray it tonight and re-post it here in honor of the class of 2022.  ———- They arrived today. With their baskets of bedding and their neat stacks of notebooks and their brand new jeans.… Read More For All the Freshmen

Spiritual Formation

How Do I Move from Anxiety to Peace?

My anxiety always flares in August. Peter and I are both writing syllabi and course content. We are purchasing and organizing homeschool materials and activities. We are scrambling to finish house and garden projects. Then there is just the emotional anticipation of what is—for us—a HUGE transition back into our school-year lives. Last week—as I was… Read More How Do I Move from Anxiety to Peace?

Spiritual Formation

3 Qualities of a Successful College Student

It’s August, people! How did that happen? I’ve been a college professor for 20 years now, yet somehow this particular month still manages to sneak up on me. Every. Single. Summer. Our family will be cruising along, enjoying the sights and the sun. Then suddenly, as we turn the calendar page, I am once again… Read More 3 Qualities of a Successful College Student

Spiritual Formation

“Do What You Won’t Regret”

This simple piece of advice was given to me at one of the most pivotal moments of my life. Peter and I were trying to decide whether or not to bring baby D into our home—as a Safe Family placement to start with. His case was headed for the foster courts, and perhaps adoption, but… Read More “Do What You Won’t Regret”

Family Life

A Glorious Reunion: Why We Keep Coming Back

We first met in a Beijing hotel—every one of us jet-lagged, but thrilled nonetheless to be making this long-anticipated trip. I remember our first meeting as if it were yesterday. On that morning in March of 2012, Peter and I took our seats in a circle with a dozen-or-so other couples and a few of… Read More A Glorious Reunion: Why We Keep Coming Back

Family Life

Why I Roar: In Support of the Three Lions

Guest Post by Peter Worrall Last Saturday at 9:45 a.m., I was reeling in agony on Gary’s sofa.  My stomach seized, and I felt nausea grow. I grabbed a throw pillow and squeezed it to my chest. I still had an hour to go of watching England in the World Cup quarterfinals. England’s Maguire had… Read More Why I Roar: In Support of the Three Lions

Writing & Communication

5 Reasons to Join Us on This Journey

Wow! The This Odd House blog turns 5 this month! Can you believe it? I sure can’t. But here we are—celebrating what-feels-to-me-to-be a significant milestone.   Anniversaries are a perfect time to reflect. So if you’ll indulge me, I’ll do a bit of that… I created this space in July 2013, at the beginning of… Read More 5 Reasons to Join Us on This Journey

Family Life

When We’re Torn Between Two Places

Guest post by Peter Worrall I am being pulled through green hedgerows backwards. I have a rear-facing seat on the 14:42 from Exeter St. David’s to Plymouth. The Devonshire hills, the trees, the shrubbery and the grass are well watered and verdant. Life flourishes here. I once flourished here. I’m a Devon boy come home for… Read More When We’re Torn Between Two Places

Family Life

How to Have a Happy Holiday

In America, we call it a “vacation”—those few weeks each year when we leave work and home behind. We “vacate” our regular routine and take up temporary residence in another locale. We sometimes escape to a peaceful place for rest and refreshment. We sometimes hurry off to an amusement park or a cruise ship, seeking… Read More How to Have a Happy Holiday