Spiritual Formation

Hope in the Midst of Difficulty: Part 2

Guest Post by Peter Worrall This is the second half of the Day One chapel message that Peter and I shared with the Moody Bible Institute student body last month.  Before you read it, I encourage you to pull out your Bible and read Lamentations chapter 3.    I (Peter) first turned to Lamentations 3… Read More Hope in the Midst of Difficulty: Part 2

Spiritual Formation

Hope in the Midst of Difficulty: Part I

On Friday, January 19, Peter and I had the opportunity to address the Moody Bible Institute community during our “Day One” chapel. “Day One” is a special day when prospective students and their families visit Moody to help determine whether or not God is calling them to come and study with us. Peter and I… Read More Hope in the Midst of Difficulty: Part I

Writing & Communication

A War of Words: What the Current MBI Crisis Can Teach Us All

For our most recent date night, Peter and I went to see Darkest Hour, a movie that retells (and reinterprets) the story of the early days of Winston Churchill’s time as the British Prime Minister. (Spoiler alert.) Hitler’s army has defeated Belgium. It has almost brought France to her knees. And Hitler has his sights set on… Read More A War of Words: What the Current MBI Crisis Can Teach Us All

Spiritual Formation

We’re Reading Romans!

The crazy start of the school year and the exciting book launch for Pierced and Embraced have prevented me from doing much personal writing here at This Odd House.  However, over the summer God led me to start another sort of writing ministry over on Facebook. Back in June, I felt Him nudging me to share… Read More We’re Reading Romans!

Family Life

Waiting on Island Time

“Time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life.” –William Faulkner   Our official wait for our daughter Amelia began on an island—the island of Great Chebeague, off the coast of Maine. In the summer of 2006, we mailed our… Read More Waiting on Island Time

Spiritual Formation

Rx: Forgiveness

Forgiveness should be a fairly familiar concept for all of us.It’s a practice that we each come face-to-face with on a regular — perhaps, daily — basis. We have no choice really. Any human relationship of any consequence requires truckloads of it. We wrong each other repeatedly — in ways both small and large, inconsequential… Read More Rx: Forgiveness

Spiritual Formation

How Women Encounter the Love of Christ

Do women experience their relationship with God differently than men do? If so, in what ways? And what does that mean for our churches? For our ministries and our sermons? And for the way that pastors lead? Today I’m writing over at PastorResources.com about the particular way Jesus ministered to women.  CLICK HERE to read more!

Spiritual Formation

When the Wait Is Worth It

Are you waiting for anything right now? The next life event? An answer to prayer? The end of a particular pain? Today I have the honor of writing again about the theme of waiting, this time over at Elisa Morgan’s blog, Really!  Join me there as I reflect on what it’s like to wait when you’re… Read More When the Wait Is Worth It

Spiritual Formation, Writing & Communication

Pierced and Embraced Releases Today!

We are a love-thirsty people. We try so many ways to satiate those longings that we live with, but ultimately only one source—the living water—will satisfy.   A couple of years ago my husband Peter and I wrote a little book called 20 Things We’d Tell Our Twentysomething Selves. It started as a blog post,… Read More Pierced and Embraced Releases Today!

Spiritual Formation

Join Me in James

For me, the month of July has been all about re-ordering my life in several important ways. I’ll share more about that in future posts… But this morning I just wanted to take a minute and invite you over to my Facebook page. One element of my “re-ordering” has been the re-establishment of a more meaningful… Read More Join Me in James