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Join Me in James

For me, the month of July has been all about re-ordering my life in several important ways. I’ll share more about that in future posts… But this morning I just wanted to take a minute and invite you over to my Facebook page. One element of my “re-ordering” has been the re-establishment of a more meaningful… Read More Join Me in James

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Crepe Paper Streamers and Balloons: Our Anti-Pinterest Party

I admit it. I like Pinterest-worthy parties. I mean, I really like them. The beauty. The order. The creativity. The perfection. The sparkle. The shine. They speak to me. However, a Pinterest-worthy party has not been our reality this week here at This Odd House. Yesterday, my favorite little girl turned six years old. And… Read More Crepe Paper Streamers and Balloons: Our Anti-Pinterest Party

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5 Lessons that Traveling Can Teach

We had been trying for a long time to take our family to Peter’s homeland of England. Several years ago we started putting money aside every month specifically for that purpose. But then a car would need repairs or an appliance would need replacing, and—bang!—would go our travel fund. Eventually, for one of Peter’s birthdays,… Read More 5 Lessons that Traveling Can Teach

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From England, with Love

This trip has been years in the making. Ever since we became parents in 2009, we have dreamt of taking Daryl—and then Amelia as well—to England to meet Peter’s family and English friends, and to experience his homeland. A couple of years ago we thought we would be able to make the journey, but then… Read More From England, with Love


When Mother’s Day Is a Matter of Life and Death

On Mother’s Day 2004 I made the silly mistake of going to church. By that time my husband Peter and I had been floundering in the stormy sea of infertility for over two years, and I was tired. Depression was weighing me down—anger, too—as we rode wave after wave. The monthly swell of hope, then… Read More When Mother’s Day Is a Matter of Life and Death

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20 Things We’d Tell Our Newly-Married Selves

  It often happens this way. Peter and I are asked to speak on the subject of marriage, and our own relationship comes under particular attack. Sometimes it comes in the form of a full frontal assault, a crisis beyond our control. But more often the enemy sends in stealth bombers—our own poor choices, rogue… Read More 20 Things We’d Tell Our Newly-Married Selves


At the Empty Tomb

So on this, the first day of the week, Mary comes to the tomb with the spices that she has carefully prepared. But she is not alone. Other women are with her, all undoubtedly traumatized and frightened and floundering in a flood of grief. It is early in the morning, so early that the garden… Read More At the Empty Tomb


10 Ways to Observe Good Friday

photo credit: St. Stephen’s Church, London, England It’s here. The weekend we have been waiting for! This most important celebration on the Christian calendar. This pinnacle of the liturgical year. I don’t know what’s been happening in your household, but our kids have been counting down the days. In part, because of Jesus’ Resurrection. In… Read More 10 Ways to Observe Good Friday


God As Lion

The only lions I have ever met have lived at the zoo. I’ve only respected and admired these creatures from a safe distance, through iron fences and thick glass. Encountering one up-close-and-personal would be an entirely different matter. Can you imagine? For one thing, lions are the second largest cats in the world, passed only… Read More God As Lion

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Lent & What We Long For

Our family has given up sugar for Lent. What this means on a practical level is that we have replaced our actual consumption of the “sweet, short-chained, soluble carbohydrates” with detailed and descriptive conversations about what we look forward to eating come April 16. Five-year-old Amelia is typically the one to broach the topic. Several… Read More Lent & What We Long For