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Waiting on Island Time

Rx: Forgiveness

In the Waiting Room

For the Ones Who Wait

  On Tuesday we dropped everything at 3 p.m. We left Daryl’s math lesson, half-finished, on his desk. We set science to one side. And we took a trip—a pilgrimage, really—to the Spring Hill Mall. There’s nothing special about this particular shopping establishment—except for the fact that we were there when I received one of… Read More For the Ones Who Wait


In Honour of MLK

Guest post by Peter  Worrall Last Thursday, my husband Peter gave this brief address on the campus of Moody Bible Institute. It was a part of a program, honoring the life of Martin Luther King Jr. As a foreigner, I am a latecomer to the appreciation for Martin Luther King, who is celebrated on this third… Read More In Honour of MLK

The Holiness Project

Get Back on the Bike!

Tuesday was tough. It was my first day back as “homeschooling teacher-mom” after Daryl and Amelia had almost an entire month off. (Not recommended!) Supplies were out of order. Books had gone missing. The kids had forgotten how to behave. I had forgotten how to behave. And to top it all off, I caved and… Read More Get Back on the Bike!

The Holiness Project

In Defense of Pork Chops & Prayer

I must admit. Last week was intense. It was simultaneously a little taste of heaven. Peter and I were still off of work. We gave our homeschooling kids one more week of Christmas break. (Why not?) And my writing deadline was fast approaching. Book manuscript due: January 15. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday—every day… Read More In Defense of Pork Chops & Prayer

The Holiness Project

What Is Point of Life Anyhow?

What is your chief goal in life? Do you know? Every human being wrestles with this key question, I think. Sometimes very intentionally. Sometimes subconsciously. Sometimes the same basic quest for meaning surfaces in different forms. Sometimes it has us asking more obvious and pressing questions like this: Is college necessary? What should I major… Read More What Is Point of Life Anyhow?

The Holiness Project

The Holiness Project

It is relevant to here reveal two of my personal traits that I have heretofore kept hidden from you. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say: two traits that I have heretofore refrained from announcing publicly. You’ve probably picked up on them if you know me at all and you’ve been paying any… Read More The Holiness Project

Holidays, Spiritual Growth

Called to the Impossible

I haven’t forgotten that two months ago I started a conversation here about loving God—heart, soul, mind, and strength. But—with teaching and speaking and homeschooling and life—I’ve been finding it difficult to fit blogging into the mix. This might also be a good time to mention that I’m also working on another book! I’m so… Read More Called to the Impossible

Spiritual Growth

The Greatest Lesson Ever Learned

It began as a test. In Mark chapter 12 a group of religious leaders descended on Jesus and peppered Him with questions—for the purpose of trapping Him. They drilled Him on tricky subjects, such as taxes and the resurrection. And Jesus—confident and compassionate and clear—answered each one. Eventually, one man stepped out from the crowd.… Read More The Greatest Lesson Ever Learned

Ministry Update

What We’ve Been Up To

Phew! It’s been a busy season of ministry here. We’re already finishing the seventh week of the semester at Moody Bible Institute. (How did that happen?) And on the weekends throughout September, I’ve had the joy of speaking at several women’s retreats—one on Mackinac Island (incredible!), another at Lake Ann Camp (also gorgeous!), and a third at… Read More What We’ve Been Up To

Parenting, Spiritual Growth

For the Freshmen

Yesterday was move-in day at Moody. This morning I am in my office, watching a thunderstorm roll through and preparing to meet a new class of freshmen for New Student Orientation. I spent much of my (long, stormy) commute praying for them. And as I pulled into the parking garage, I remembered the prayer that I… Read More For the Freshmen