Family Life

When God Is God: Our Story of a Stroke

Happy New Year, friends! How are you? Admittedly, it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve needed to spend the past couple of months focusing on getting our family through a difficult season of sudden health challenges and unexpected transitions. It’s been a lot to manage and to process. But—by the grace of God… Read More When God Is God: Our Story of a Stroke

Spiritual Formation

Overcoming Labels, Dispelling Lies

[photo credit: lucilight at] When we teach babies to talk, we start—of course—by naming things. We point a purposeful finger at the intended object, and we enunciate clearly and deliberately—our eyes wide, our faces expectant. “Mom-ma…Dad-dy…eyes…nose…juice.” Then, when our tiny student responds with a corresponding utterance, we clap and cheer and offer all manner… Read More Overcoming Labels, Dispelling Lies

Spiritual Formation

Rx: Forgiveness

Forgiveness should be a fairly familiar concept for all of us.It’s a practice that we each come face-to-face with on a regular — perhaps, daily — basis. We have no choice really. Any human relationship of any consequence requires truckloads of it. We wrong each other repeatedly — in ways both small and large, inconsequential… Read More Rx: Forgiveness

Spiritual Formation

Growing Up in Good Time

When we first saw This Old McHenry House in December of 2004, she was covered in a dingy white vinyl siding. All of her still-visible trim work was sloppily painted a horrible dark pink. She wasn’t pretty. But I thought she had potential. My suspicion was confirmed when we received a folder of paperwork at… Read More Growing Up in Good Time

Spiritual Formation

Our Cock-Eyed Christmas

This month I’m taking a break from my This Odd House writing project. Instead, I’m sharing a few little Christmas-related stories, linked up to “Tuesdays Unwrapped” at Emily Freeman‘s Go to her website to find the links to many more tales of Grace from her community. My plan is to pick back up on… Read More Our Cock-Eyed Christmas