Spiritual Formation

God’s Unmistakable Call

Ten years ago today, our son Daryl came to live in our home and in our hearts. He was seven months old at the time—and heading into the foster system. I tell some of his story HERE. What is most relevant for this post is the fact that April 2009 was one of those times… Read More God’s Unmistakable Call

Family Life, Spiritual Formation

6 Steps to Making a Wise Decision

One day over Christmas break, our family had a decision to make. A few months earlier, sometime in September (before Peter’s stroke), I had made a reservation for us to take a little trip down to Branson, Missouri—including a two-day stop in St. Louis to visit the City Museum on the way. The problem was,… Read More 6 Steps to Making a Wise Decision

Spiritual Formation

Waiting for a Burning Bush?

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting around a table with a group of women at a church event, and the subject of homeschooling came up. One woman explained that she had homeschooled all five of her children from kindergarten through high school…to which another woman exclaimed, “I’m so glad that is NOT my… Read More Waiting for a Burning Bush?

Spiritual Formation

A Social Media Manifesto

Welcome to my blogger’s nightmare. A few nights ago, I sat on my bed—recovering from a nasty cold and fiddling with this blog behind the scenes. As I was trying to tweak some SEO elements (which I barely understand and have no business touching), I inadvertently and stupidly adjusted the permalink settings for This Odd… Read More A Social Media Manifesto

Spiritual Formation

Do You Want to Live a More Meaningful Life?

In a 2014 survey, the Barna Group found that three-quarters of American adults (75%) are looking for ways to live a “more meaningful life.” This simple statistic raises so many questions in my mind—the most obvious one being this: What exactly do we mean when we say that we want a “more meaningful life”? Certainly,… Read More Do You Want to Live a More Meaningful Life?

Spiritual Formation

The Most Common Misconception about “Calling”

A quick Google search for “what is my calling?” yields one billion, thirty million websites for your perusal—hopefully enough information to get you pointed in the right direction. Right?! As you might imagine, the content on said websites is as varied as our understanding of the subject itself. Everyone from Forbes to Oprah to Tiny… Read More The Most Common Misconception about “Calling”

Spiritual Formation

Clarify Your Calling: A New Blog Series

Last fall—just before Peter’s stroke—I had started a blog series on the subject of Interpersonal Communication. I haven’t forgotten about that important subject, and I plan to return to that series later this spring. But at the moment, another topic has re-captured my attention—the matter of “calling.” If you’ve ever wondered—“What am I ‘called’ to… Read More Clarify Your Calling: A New Blog Series

Spiritual Formation

This Is Also the Church: How We Do Hesed

If you’ve spent much time at all around the Church, you probably have a bone to pick. Or two. Or ten. Yours might be a collection of smaller bones—the ill-timed word of a fellow congregant, a disagreement with the leadership over certain details, a misunderstanding that really doesn’t matter that much. Or you might be… Read More This Is Also the Church: How We Do Hesed

Family Life

When God Is God: Our Story of a Stroke

Happy New Year, friends! How are you? Admittedly, it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve needed to spend the past couple of months focusing on getting our family through a difficult season of sudden health challenges and unexpected transitions. It’s been a lot to manage and to process. But—by the grace of God… Read More When God Is God: Our Story of a Stroke

Writing & Communication

What Does Your Face Say?

The second in a series of blog posts on Interpersonal Communication and Relationships.   So, this happened a couple of weeks ago… I was speaking at a women’s event. A few dozen beautiful faces gazed back at me as I expounded upon the healing power of Jesus in the gospel of Mark, chapter 5. Most… Read More What Does Your Face Say?