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In Persistent Pursuit

“Greenleaf’s Bull” by Jeffery Dale Starr. I’m baaaaack! Boy, have I missed writing at This Odd House these past many weeks. Ironically, I’ve done more writing than ever since I last posted here in January. To be exact, I’ve written–in collaboration with my beloved coauthor and husband–53,537 words of what is currently called 20 Things We… Read More In Persistent Pursuit

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(Pregnancy. Miscarriage.) Epiphany.

“Greenleaf’s Bull” by Jeffery Dale Starr. I call it my Epiphany. That early morning in April 2005 when I stood in front of the bathroom mirror. And the scales fell off. And I could see. We had only been in This Old McHenry House for one week when I discovered that I was pregnant for the… Read More (Pregnancy. Miscarriage.) Epiphany.