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Waiting for Glory

 Guest Post by Caitlin Burdick Last week I started a conversation here around the topic of “waiting.” And I shared a little story about my three-year-old to get the ball rolling. Since then, I’ve heard from many of you–mostly via e-mail and facebook–who have spent time in the proverbial waiting room. And some who are… Read More Waiting for Glory

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(Pregnancy. Miscarriage.) Epiphany.

“Greenleaf’s Bull” by Jeffery Dale Starr. I call it my Epiphany. That early morning in April 2005 when I stood in front of the bathroom mirror. And the scales fell off. And I could see. We had only been in This Old McHenry House for one week when I discovered that I was pregnant for the… Read More (Pregnancy. Miscarriage.) Epiphany.