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For My Daughter on Her Birthday

  It’s your birthday—my darling daughter! Can it really be—that you’ve been spreading your unique version of joy on this planet for five whole years? I’ve known you for four and a half of those. But I have loved you for far longer than that. You were born in my heart many years before you… Read More For My Daughter on Her Birthday

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The Worralls on Whole30

Here I am, sitting on a pile of pillows in a bathtub at The DeSoto House Hotel, Galena, Illinois (circa. 1855). We’re in room 203, with its soaring ceiling and grand windows and slanted floors. It is 4:30 a.m. I’m sipping black decaf coffee that I made in the little hotel pot. And the rest… Read More The Worralls on Whole30

Family Life

The Making of a Hero

Last September 11, I wrote here about safety and danger and 9/11, etc. Then a little while later I went upstairs to tuck Daryl into bed. “I love you, Mama,” he said. “Can I have a cuddle?” He still asks this every night. And my answer is typically the same. “Of course you can.” I’ll… Read More The Making of a Hero

Family Life

What We Learned in Kindergarten

Thursday morning was Daryl’s final day of Kindergarten. Thursday night was the Kindergarten graduation ceremony. And in the middle, his Momma had a mini-meltdown. It didn’t obviously have anything to do with Daryl and the fact that he’s growing up so fast, as they all do. Oh, I’m sure the emotions surrounding the day primed… Read More What We Learned in Kindergarten

Family Life

One More Mother’s Day

My mom’s last Mother’s Day was in 2008. But I think I miss her more this year than ever before. In part, because I have been writing about her for these past many months. Her presence felt so powerfully as I paint her on each page. In part, too, because each year I spend as… Read More One More Mother’s Day