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#HumanJustice and the Healing that Jesus Brings

Early last month I had the privilege of speaking at Moody Bible Institute’s annual Founder’s Week conference. The theme for the afternoon sessions was “Human Justice,” but the conference organizers also wanted to make available copies my book Pierced & Embraced: 7 Life-Changing Encounters with the Love of Christ.

As I thought about the connection between these two entities and prayed over what God might have me offer to the conversation, I kept coming back to the narrative of the woman with the hemorrhage. She is one of the women featured in Pierced & Embraced. And I have been personally and deeply helped by studying Jesus’ work in her life. 

Certainly, this account has much to tell us about how Jesus heals.

But this woman’s experience can also inform our understanding of human justice, because the real work of human justice happens at that individual level. It happens when Jesus meets and saves and restores one precious human heart at a time. 

If you are on a journey of healing from your own trauma, or if you are walking alongside others who need to reach out and touch His hem, I invite you to listen to this message on Mark chapter 5. 


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