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Top Posts of 2014

2014 was my first full year of blogging. A year of finding my feet and figuring it out. And I still have a long way to go.

I still write long. I still write slow. And I’m still far from regular. I still haven’t managed to fit blogging into the weekly routine of my life. And if you’ve been following along these past few weeks, you know that I am probably going to be posting even less frequently here between now and the end of March as I attempt to write my first book with the help of my husband (20 Things We Would Have Told Our 20-Something Selves, Moody Publishers, to be released October 2015).

Too, this inaugural blogging year has been every bit the proverbial roller coaster of a ride. There have been times when I have wondered what I’ve gotten myself into. Why anyone would care to read my wonky words. Why I feel compelled to post some of my deepest and darkest struggles for all the world to see.

But–inevitably–when the ground is rushing toward me and I entertain the thought of leaping from the car at the first level straight–just then–I hear from one of you. In a comment or an e-mail or a Facebook message or even a conversation, you tell me a part of your story and you encourage me with some of the most soul-feeding words any writer could hope to hear.

“You said what I have always wanted to.”
Or “I needed to hear that today.”
Or simply “Me too.”

And I am reminded that I am not the point. That the point is you. And that the point is Him.

So thank you for visiting This Odd House. For opening yourself up to the conversation. For encouraging me to keep going. And for sharing what God is doing in your lives as well.

Finally, while we’re reflecting a bit on 2014, I thought I would add one more thing. Over the past few days, several bloggers I follow have shared their “Top Posts of 2014.” And it got me curious. I keep myself relatively in the dark on most of the This Odd House stats. But I thought it might be interesting to see what has resonated most.

So here they are. The top This Odd House posts of 2014…

1. 20 Things I Might Have Told My 20-Something Self. The starting place for our book project. On the surface it’s a simple little list-y piece. Yet I’m excited to still learn more about each of the 20 Things as we research and write the full-blown manuscript.

2. So You Want to Get Married. Proof that everyone likes a little love story. This is ours.

3. Tested by Fire. Here I share some of our journey through infertility. It’s a topic that too often remains in the shadows. And I’m happy to play a small role in bringing it into the light.

4. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down. Probably the hardest post to publish. The description of one my spiritually darkest times. But in response to this post, I received some of the most powerfully authentic e-mails from some of you who have struggled or are struggling in a similar way with the problem of pain.

5. Waiting for Navy’s Lips. A compelling story by my friend Alicia Reisinger on the birth of her daughter Navy and the Reisingers’ surprising introduction to the world of parenting and cleft repair.

So, thank you again for hanging out here. Happy New Year! And here’s to all it will undoubtedly hold!

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