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Join Me in James

For me, the month of July has been all about re-ordering my life in several important ways. I’ll share more about that in future posts…

But this morning I just wanted to take a minute and invite you over to my Facebook page.

One element of my “re-ordering” has been the re-establishment of a more meaningful daily time in Scripture.

I know that I’m not the only one who sometimes finds this difficult–with all of the demands of family and home and work and life. Call me crazy, but the only way I’ve found to get the “quiet time” that I need is to maintain my 3 a.m. wake-up time. 

Don’t worry! I’m not suggesting that you need to do that. But I am suggesting that we all need to find a rhythm that works for us. Something sustainable and life-giving. 

This month in those wee and wonderful hours, I’ve gone back to the book of James. Several mornings each week I have been posting just a few thoughts as I work my way through. As of today, I am only on James 1:9-11, so you haven’t missed much. 

So, join me in James if you’d like! Read along. Comment when you can. Let’s spur each other on!


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