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We’re Reading Romans!

The crazy start of the school year and the exciting book launch for Pierced and Embraced have prevented me from doing much personal writing here at This Odd House. 

However, over the summer God led me to start another sort of writing ministry over on Facebook. Back in June, I felt Him nudging me to share in that space what He was teaching me from His Word. So I nervously obeyed. 

I would be lying if I said that personal daily Bible study has always been a strength of mine. It hasn’t. Over the decades, my daily devotional journey has been full of fits and starts, feasts and famines. So I was afraid of starting something at which I could easily “fail.”  

But this year, as God has been growing me through my little “Holiness Project,” personal Bible study has been a key point of progress. I have been waking up even earlier than I used to (3 a.m. most days). Each morning I have been heading straight into my time of Scripture reading and prayer before I do anything else–protecting that time ferociously–not letting household tasks or burning emails pull me away from the more important matters. And I have been sharing a few thoughts from my Bible study each morning on my Facebook page, praying that it blesses those who read. 

Last week we finished the book of James.

This week, we’re starting Romans. Today we looked at Romans 1:2-4, so you haven’t missed much. And I would love to have you join me! And invite your friends. 

CLICK HERE to find and follow my Facebook page, and scroll down to catch up the background to the book. 

Praying that God uses Romans to bless and teach us all!

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